Emergency Lighting

If during the course of an emergency the main power supply fails, emergency lighting can be an effective and extremely useful solution to direct people to the fire exits. In an emergency situation sudden darkness can pose risks and danger to occupants of a property either through physical harm or panic. Emergency lighting operates automatically and provides instant illumination for safe and efficient evacuation.

why choose angel fire for emergency lighting?

  • safe and efficient evacuations
  • stair and floor illumination and over-head lighting
  • complete fire safety management

Here at Angel Fire Protection we supply first class emergency lighting equipment for properties across the North East of England, including exit lights, stair and floor illumination and over-head lighting. We can professionally install this equipment to the highest possible standard, ensuring you meet all health and safety and fire regulations.

We are the experts in fire safety equipment and provide a comprehensive service, supplying, installing and maintaining everything you need. We work with you to meet all your requirements and provide a complete management of your fire safety.

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