CO2 Extinguishers

Our extensive range of fire extinguishers includes the very popular, and incredibly important, carbon dioxide extinguishers. Our CO2 fire extinguishers deliver a clean, safe and effective solution for fires involving electrical appliances. They are fitted with an anti-static hose and horn which make them perfect for tackling Class B fires caused by electrical hazards or flammable liquids.

These extinguishers work by cutting of the fire’s oxygen supply and provide complete protection against electric shock for the operative through the use of non-conductive CO2.

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A combination of water or foam extinguishers and CO2 extinguishers provide comprehensive protection for indoor environments, such as offices, shops and classrooms.

If you are unsure of what is the most appropriate and effective extinguisher for your facility, contact the expert team at Angel Fire today. We can provide you with detailed and professional information on each extinguisher’s strengths and weaknesses as well as discussing which ones are suitable for various applications. We can discuss purchase or hire options with you as well, ensuring you receive the most cost effective solution for your business. So give us a call today and find out how we can help you!

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