Powder Extinguishers

Suitable for multi-risk environments, although not ideal for indoor areas such as offices and shops, dry powder fire extinguishers contain a versatile powder material designed to handle Class A, Class B and Class C fires.

Appropriate for use on electrical, oil, chemical and engine fires and flammable liquids and gases, their multi-use properties make them extremely versatile. They are suitable for a variety of highly sensitive environments, including the chemical industry, shipping and facilities where vehicle engines are present.

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All the fire extinguishers we supply here at Angel Fire Protection are of the highest quality and comply with all fire safety regulations. Our hire option can also provide a great value solution, providing affordable fire safety equipment for your property. Our trained professionals can advise you on the most appropriate fire safety equipment for your given environment and their extensive experience means you can be sure your requirements are in the safest, most capable hands. We can manage all aspects of your fire safety, so contact the experts at Angel Fire for more information today!

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