Wet Chemical Extinguishers

Our wet chemical fire extinguishers provide the highest level of protection against Class F fires, meaning they are ideal extinguishers for tackling kitchen related fires involving cooking oil and fat. Wet chemical extinguishers release a fine spray directly on to the flames to dampen them while the chemical present in the formula reacts with the burning oil to form a film which seals the surface and forces it to cool down.

Ideal for kitchens, restaurants and school and university halls, these fire extinguishers are a necessity for every food preparation facility. Here at Angel Fire we have extensive knowledge of fire safety measures, as well as laws and regulations that specify fire precautions and preventions. We can advise you how to best protect your environment and comply with fire safety regulations.

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Whatever environment you live or work in, the professionals at Angel Fire Protection can provide you with detailed information on the most appropriate fire extinguisher for you and can suggest how best to implement it for different applications. We offer our fire extinguishers for purchase or hire and we can advise you on the most cost effective solution for your property. So contact the dedicated team today for more information and a free quote!

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