Fire Risk Assessment

Conducting a fire risk assessment can be an extremely complex and confusing process. Not only is it a very long and laborious task, the detail required to satisfy the exacting standards as required by the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order is intricate, thorough and exhaustive. Emphasis is no longer just placed on whether a fire risk assessment is conducted but also on the adequacy of the assessment.

Here at Angel Fire Protection, we can conduct a fire risk assessment for your property in Durham or Newcastle quickly and accurately, removing the burden from you and leaving you free to continue with you work.

why choose angel fire for risk assessment?

  • experienced fire industry specialists
  • quick and accurate fire risk assessment
  • expert advise
  • comprehensive fire safety service

When you call on our assistance you can be confident that you have fulfilled your legal and contractual obligations and that we will carry out an expert, high quality assessment.

The qualified professionals at Angel Fire can also advise you on any remedial action that needs to be taken following the report. Our comprehensive fire safety service includes the supply and installation of an extensive range of fire safety equipment and we can ensure your property reaps the benefits of our expertise. Call us onĀ or fill in our online contact form and tick the risk assessment box for more information. You can also visit us at our main office in County Durham.

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